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The perfect moment doesn't exi..

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$35 Insulin

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Why do some workers want to go back to the office?


Not talking about investors or execs wanting to justify their real estate costs or exert their overbearing control on their employees. I’m wondering why actual workers want to go back to the office.

I really and truly don’t understand. I’ve been working remotely for close to 3 years now, and it has been an exclusively positive experience. I have yet to find a single downside. My mental health is so much better because of all the time it saves me.

But a lot of people seem to have different experiences. Why? What are the positives of the office and downsides of remote work that I’m not seeing?

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Society Gen Zers are taking on more debt, roommates, and jobs as their economy gets worse and worse

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This baby chimp was born with broken ribs, had pneumonia, and was abandoned by his own mother. A human couple raised him and showed him love. this is how he reacts whenever he sees them.

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Our kitten (5mo) brings out the puppy in our senior beagle (13) when they play. [OC]


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More like James Corden IMO.

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Married Men, what are the unspoken rules for successful marriage?


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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ How a flat earther is born

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Discussion Chapter 1069 Spoilers


Thanks to jmena (worstgen forums) and confirmed by Redon

- Luffy Gear 5 vs Lucci with his awakened Zoan.

- Lucci's awakened form is a big cat, a mix between Chopper's Monster Point and Who's Who fruit.

- The fight looks like Tom and Jerry.

- Kaku wants to help Lucci because he is fighting a Yonkou, but Lucci ignores him and continues to fight alone

- Cp0 is fighting seraphim because sentoumaru has commanded to fight against them.

- There is a war to see who controls the Seraphim, but CP0 destroys a section of Egghead which is the one that communicated with the Seraphim.

- Luffy overwhelms, scares and defeats Lucci by KOing him

- Kizaru is ready to go to EggHead and got permission from Akainu

- The mythological Hito Hito no Mi model "Nika" does not appear in the Akuma no Mi book.

- Lucci gets recovered before the chapter ends due to his aweakening and wants to leave the Island because of how bad he has been treated. (Because of Luffy's Strength and Power)

IMPORTANT INFO FROM WORSTGEN FORUMS: There are some unconfirmed doubts about the details of these spoilers. Not the rough outline but take stuff like the last sentence with a grain of salt for now. The Kizaru Part for example has changed completely, it now says he has permission to go to Egghead Island.

No Chapter Title or Break Info as of yet.

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to block the German autobahn

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News Kirstie Alley, ‘Cheers’ and ‘Look Who’s Talking’ Star, Dies at 71

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TIL about the Asoh defense, a term for just taking the blame when you're at fault. It’s named after a Japanese pilot named Kohei Asoh, who crash landed a full passenger jet in the San Francisco Bay. When asked what happened, he said: “As you Americans say, I f-cked up.”

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Country Club Thread Scrape it and start over.

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human Chris Christensen: Man Who Committed Suicide at Disneyland left a suicide note on FaceBook.

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my neighbor, who is able bodied and is not registered for disability, constantly parks in the disabled spot even if other spots near by are open. we live in georgia. she will sit in a spot nearby till it opens to make sure she can claim it if it's blocked for whatever reason

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Business Family says Amazon shipped fake product, refuses refund until 'correct' item returned | Frustrating returns may be due to retail giant's layoffs and declining profits, specialist says

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Michael Avenatti sentenced to 14 years in prison for stealing millions of dollars from clients

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Health Study finds that a higher vegetable, but not potato, intake might help mitigate type 2 diabetes risk, partly by reducing BMI. However, when researchers separated boiled potatoes from mashed potatoes, fries or crisps, boiled potatoes were no longer associated with a higher risk of diabetes.

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News [ESPN] 2022 Heisman Finalists: Stetson Bennett, Max Duggan, CJ Stroud, Caleb Williams

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Our old gal Nami can't walk anymore, but she still tippy taps for dinner


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Heckler calls comedian a racist.

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I don’t whether this means I’m really smart, or really dumb

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