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Purchase Advice Purchase Advice Megathread - August 2022


Welcome back to another purchase megathread!

This thread is meant to conglomerate purchase advice for both newcomers and people looking for additional machines. Keeping this discussion to one thread means less searching should anyone have questions that may already have been answered here, as well as more visibility to inquiries in general, as comments made here will be visible for the entire month stuck to the top of the sub, and then added to the Purchase Advice Collection (Reddit Collections are still broken on mobile view, enable "view in desktop mode").

If you are new to 3D printing, and are unsure of what to ask, try to include the following in your posts as a minimum:

  • Your budget, set at a numeric amount. Saying "cheap," or "money is not a problem" is not an answer people can do much with. 3D printers can cost $100, they can cost $10,000,000, and anywhere in between. A rough idea of what you're looking for is essential to figuring out anything else.
  • Your country of residence.
  • If you are willing to build the printer from a kit, and what your level of experience is with electronic maintenance and construction if so.
  • What you wish to do with the printer.
  • Any extenuating circumstances that would restrict you from using machines that would otherwise fit your needs (limited space for the printer, enclosure requirement, must be purchased through educational intermediary, etc).

While this is by no means an exhaustive list of what can be included in your posts, these questions should help paint enough of a picture to get started. Don't be afraid to ask more questions, and never worry about asking too many. The people posting in this thread are here because they want to give advice, and any questions you have answered may be useful to others later on, when they read through this thread looking for answers of their own. Everyone here was new once, so chances are whoever is replying to you has a good idea of how you feel currently.

Reddit User and Regular u/richie225 is also constantly maintaining his extensive personal recommendations list which is worth a read: Generic FDM Printer recommendations.

Additionally, a quick word on print quality: Most FDM/FFF (that is, filament based) printers are capable of approximately the same tolerances and print appearance, as the biggest limiting factor is in the nature of extruded plastic. Asking if a machine has "good prints," or saying "I don't expect the best quality for $xxx" isn't actually relevant for the most part with regards to these machines. Should you need additional detail and higher tolerances, you may want to explore SLA, DLP, and other photoresin options, as those do offer an increase in overall quality. If you are interested in resin machines, make sure you are aware of how to use them safely. For these safety reasons we don't usually recommend a resin printer as someone's first printer.

As always, if you're a newcomer to this community, welcome. If you're a regular, welcome back.

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Image Last piece of the T-Rex hips finished today. Big seam tidy up this week before painting.

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Design Thanks to r/3Dprinting, I've officially sold my first batch of a product I designed, tested, and built!!

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Discussion cheap alternative to buying an expensive 'air duster'

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Image Sometimes rainbow can be disappointing... not this time!

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r/3Dprinting 9h ago

Image Printed a 3D Model of my house thanks to Apple's ARKit Roomplan API

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Design 3D printed crossbow

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Image Learning Fusion 360, these replacement cannon ball darts for my son’s pirate ship turned out great!

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Fusion 360 seems really easy to use and get accurate models created. Up to this point I’ve been using Blender.

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Image Combined 2 prints for fun

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Question local shop says it's diffulcult? Is this? I know nothing.

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I emailed a local 3d printing shop and this is what they said:

"I would need to have the orginal on hand to design from number one. So I would need you to send it to me. So I can design from it. Then I would ship it back with the new part. This way I can make sure it close as possible to the original. This size is pretty big, now if the fan is going to be inside, I can make it out of PLA plus or PLA. I normal charge around 100 to 150. This includes my design time and one part depending the size. So with the fan being bigger. I might be on the heavy side around 125 to 150. Also with the fan being odd shaped the blades will be rough on one side because the way way they would need supports unless I design it into couple parts and then glue it together. Which most of the time the part will break before the CA glue joint will break. So you won’t need to worry about it breaking at the glued joint. I would have to see how much pitch the blades are at anyways before I would even look into this. Like I said it could make them rough on one side because it would need supports. Because you cant print in mid air. So you need supports. And anything that has supports usually gets left with bad marks and rough areas. So you can sand it smooth. Then paint it. Which I have done a lot. Anyways. Hope I could give you better answer." Then said something about reaching them faster through texting and gave me their number.

Any thoughts a

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Design 3D modelled, 3D printed and painted finally!

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Image If anyone wanted to know what a 25% height benchy (on purpose) looked like

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Image 3D Printed and Painted the Plain Doll from Bloodborne

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r/3Dprinting 23h ago It's Cute!

Design If anyone is missing a fun challenge, this shopping-list thing from the 50's would be quite cool. (Apologies if this kinda post isn't allowed!)

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r/3Dprinting 58m ago

Image My half PETG/half PLA Kagotsurube Isshin from Genshin Impact with color changing LEDs inserted in the blade


r/3Dprinting 11h ago

I made a 1/10 scale functional step ladder for Nate

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harmonica arrowheads

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I just designed a PETG lamp

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Image Spray painting this pen holder results in an interesting pattern.

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Discussion PLA printed GoPro holder left in the hot car 🔥

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3D printing the Space Battleship Yamato

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Some filament, some resin, some success, some failures.

r/3Dprinting 1h ago

I quickly grew tired of only drying 1 or 2 spools at a time so I made this!

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r/3Dprinting 7h ago

Solar Weather Station. Fist time printing a multi-part enclosure. Needed the measurements for Home Assistant to run some automations.

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The world's first 3D Printed Optical Rangefinder!

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Discussion My new gaming rig. Til: games in marlin.

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I was scrolling through the Marlin firmware to disable the software endstops. And found the #define games_easter_egg line with 3 games just above it

r/3Dprinting 9h ago

pteg fishing rod holder base for a kayak

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Straight off the build plate, no clean up. Super happy