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What does it do to the body?

Should I go to hospital / contact NHS 111?

Unless your symptoms are severe, you should not go to hospital. If you have the symptoms of fever, and a persistent (new) cough, you should self isolate, and follow the official NHS advice:


If your symptoms are worse than this, contact a medical professional (as per link above).

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[MEGATHREAD] Cost of Living - Energy, Interest Rates, Inflation, Fuel, etc


Given the number of posts, we're removing a lot of these items under 'Common Topic', and receiving lightening-speed reports when they do come up.

However, we know a lot of you are struggling, and not getting the answers you need via subreddit search, or internet search engines.

So to give you guys a space, and to stop the flooding of similar queries, you are more than welcome to use this submission here.

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Do you think teenagers should be watching love island?


I know you can’t stop them, and I don’t stop mine. I was watching whatever I wanted when I was a teen so would be a bit hypocritical.

But Christ.. I think it’s rotting their minds. It feels like the only thing that matters currently is taking a good enough photo on your social media in the attempt it will bring you more followers.. and sorry for being a dinosaur, but followers do what exactly!?

EDIT, sorry I wasn’t actually slating the show itself or people’s choice to watch it (I agree it’s easy watching that you can enjoy) More just the whole ‘influencer’ and social media aspect I think is toxic. Like I used to watch some awful crap but it didn’t really affect my life.

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Guy tried to intimidate me for parking (legally) outside his house. How would you react?


I was in a place I hadn’t been before looking for somewhere to park. It’s a housing estate and I’m looking for a space, find a spec, no dropped curve no other restrictions; all good.

After I’d parked up and I’m talking to my daughter in the back seat there’s a knock on the window and some guy tells me ‘you can’t park there, my sons van goes there’.

I tell him I can and he repeats saying ‘we all like to park our vans and cars outside our house’. I tell him legally I can park there and he tells me to F off and swears at me while returning to his house.

I’m pretty shaken at this point, I decide to move on as I don’t want him to damage my car or risk him having a go at me again when I return.

I hate that people can use intimidation to get what they want. Would you have submitted or stood your ground?

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What's something that your dad brought home from work?


Not sure how universal this was, but in the 80s/90s dads seemed to bring stuff home from work that was being 'thrown out'. What did your dad bring home?

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What do you think about the fact having a phone is increasingly required to accomplish basic things?


And not only having a phone, but having it with you 24/7.

For example when making payments online (on a desktop) the bank now often asks me to verify with my phone that it's me.

Or when logging into my email or banking on a desktop, I often get asked to give them a code from my phone.

Several very fundamental services keep nagging me to turn on 2-factor authentication so I literally can't use them if I am not beside my phone 24/7.

Even my work has me authenticate basically every system I use all day with a code to my phone, about 20 times a day.

Feels like I can't be without the bloody thing anymore and who knows what I'm meant to do if god forbid I ever lose it or leave it at home and urgently need access to my money or emails?

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Why are hosepipe bans such a source of angst?


I grew up in Australia and moved to the U nearly a decade ago to get away from the heat. Back in Oz it would be nearly unthinkable to leave the hose running to water the garden, let alone in the middle of a drought. But over here it seems as if pouring drinking water on the ground is a fundamental human right. Why are people getting so angry about it being temporarily banned?

Yes, I’ve seen the stats about the leaking mains etc. and the for-profit water companies, and waste should be fixed, but it’s not going to happen this year and, given people don’t seem phased when there’s water in the reservoirs, the anger seems disproportionate.

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How do these 20 something f*ckheads on location location location accumulate a budget of 750k for a house?


..and why do they need help to find one?

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Are you watching the Commonwealth Games?


I find myself hooked, watching random events I’ve no interest in such as Netball and Cricket lol. There is something about these type of events that always hook me. I’m always glued to the Olympics too.

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What’s your favourite way to cook potatoes?


I’m just rediscovering baked potato with proper butter on.

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How many people wear earplugs while clubbing?


I'm a uni student and like to go clubbing sometimes. I noticed that my ears would be ringing for ages afterwards, so I googled some stuff and every website said that you should ensure to wear earplugs while clubbing, to prevent permanent hearing damage.

I also saw different people had commented on forums like reddit saying they've got tinnitus from clubbing without ear protection and it's really miserable. So I bought earplugs and use them every time now. I was pleasantly surprised because it didn't ruin the experience at all - in fact it made it more comfortable.

However, I literally don't know anyone else who wears earplugs while clubbing. Also, some people have had strange (mildly judgemental) reactions to me mentioning that I wear earplugs for clubbing :/ So is it really that uncommon for people to wear earplugs to very loud music venues like nightclubs? Is it not actually necessary?

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Mentions Plymouth Does the rough area in your town/city have a posh sounding name?


I'm in Plymouth and often wonder if tourists ever stay in Kings Tamerton because it sounds upmarket? Well, they'd be in for a shock!

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Mentions Yorkshire What do you consider Britain’s national dish?


I’m Scottish and I would say our national dish would be Haggis or steak pie. As a Brit though I would say a roast beef dinner (roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, gravy and veg). I also know that the chicken tikka masala has been voted out national dish in the past despite being more on the Indian recipe side. What’s everyone’s thoughts?

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What's the last book you read?


I'm currently reading the librarian of Auschwitz, it's a good read so far, I try and do a few pages before my eye are burning telling me to go to sleep...

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What are nice place names in the UK?


I am just curious. Is there a name of a city/village/hamlet which you especially like? And if there is, what is it and why do you like it?

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Where are good places to buy Art in the Uk around the £500 mark?


Hi All,

Looking to add some paintings to My new property, been to a few galleries around Birmingham for around that price range such as castle fine art etc but was thinking whether I’d get more value elsewhere instead of a normal high st shop, maybe someone young I could support in their art journey too. Has anyone been through the same thing?

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My friend and I send each other <£5 eBay parcels of the most random things we can find - what can I send next?


There are no rules other than it has to be around £5, this has been going on for years. The aim is for shock factor, outright ridiculousness or just a general pain in the arse to receive via post. Past purchases have included signed photo of Gail Platt, a moth set in epoxy resin etc. It’s my turn to return fire and need help from you wonderful weirdos.

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Did anyone else have an older male relative who called them cock or cocker?


It is a northern english thing or through the UK? I was called cock by my uncle.

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Men of the UK, have you ever encountered an effective urinal mat?


Unless I'm doing something wrong I find they only ever spray piss on my legs in new and inventive ways.

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Mentions London What would be a good gift for three teens aged 12, 14 and 17?


They’re visiting London and I used to be their nanny 10 years ago so I want to give them something little but special to bring back to the US?

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What are your favourite particularly British words?


One of my favourites is a 'do', as in a party, gathering, celebration. It's so versatile and yet it would be hard to explain to someone not British what constitutes a 'do'.

What particularly British words or phrases do you enjoy?

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What time is it ok for kids to be screaming and yelling in the garden ?


My neighbours kids have been outside since 6.50 this morning yelling and screaming , I am all for kids playing but is that seriously an ok time on a Saturday ? Also I have not heard their parents once and it has been continuous screaming

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Mentions London People with solar panels - what’s it really like?


We are hopefully moving house (London) in a few months and I think the roof is prime for solar panels. It’s south-facing with a good view of the sky. On a quick bit of Googling the price appears to have come down greatly and appears to be closer in cost with the annual cost of the terrible electricity prices we will be paying soon.

So - for people with them, what’s your experience with them?

  • Are they reliable? I don’t mean the sunlight - do you need maintenance or do they often just inexplicably stop working? ie what’s the hassle factor of having them?
  • Would you recommend getting a battery for when you don’t need to use the power?
  • Would you recommend selling your power back to the networks?
  • Can you realistically charge your car with it?
  • Going into this energy crisis do you feel like you have made a smart move?
  • Overall, is it worth it?

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If you had the money, could you have a private train that goes anywhere in the country as and when you like?


I know there is a thing about royalty having their own carriage. That got me thinking, could it be possible to live in a private carriage on a personal train and just travel around the country? Obviously it would cost a hell of a lot of money but it would be pretty cool to travel around in comfort whilst visiting places on a whim. Also, if you did want to visit somewhere, do they have facilities to store a train?

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How to quit vaping? Support, sites and any advice is helpful.


I have fell victim to elf bars (20mg) for around 8 months.

With the cost of living and realising it’s not as cool as I thought it was, i’m wanting to quit.

I am scared of withdrawals due to the high nicotine levels.

Has anyone else successfully quit?

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Did Mick Hucknall really sleep with over 3,000 women?


Mick Hucknall of Simply Red fame has supposedly slept with over 3,000 women in his career. Given the odds, there is a chance that this is one of you on Reddit who can verify this. There is also a chance even using contraception each time that he fathered some children in all of this, are you one of the lovechildren of Mick?

A) Did you sleep with Mick Hucknall? B) no, seriously come on now? c) If yes to the above, what is the big deal? How was it? Would you recommend a friend?