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ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ Jkfl Redddit Meta Posts


Henlo frens!

Good to see all of you here UwU.

Grab on to your bodypillows, I have a smol announcement about the purpose of this subreddit.

This community is meant as a fun, lighthearted place where we can commiserate with each other about those annoying little irritations that hinder our day to day enjoyment in life.

That means that suitable posts here can be about my children.

And things like a wall socket or tile being placed out of allignment. A crack in a phone screen. Duckling shit on your new car. Incomprehensible software. Mismatched buttons. You know, the little things.

This subreddit isn't meant to incite rage mobs that go after people. For that reason we say:

No reddit meta posts

No posts about being banned from subreddit. No posts about up- or down-votes. No posts about shitty moderators or users or subreddits. No posts about reddit.

All jokes and tomfoolery aside, that sort of thing gets us in trouble with site admins. If we allow one type of post about reddit it then very easily moprhs into allowing posts that directly call out other subreddits or users, we just can't allow any of it.

That rule already existed for years and we have just made it more clearly visible in the sidebar on old and new reddit. We're gonna be a little strict on it for a bit I'm afraid. 🥺

Thank you all for being awesome and have a very Merry Christmas! Celebrate Christmas in the traditional European way, with a suasage roll!


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“Stay here for $61”

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Everyday without fail some arsehole walks by and tips over the fresh water bowl we put out for dogs on our street

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$3 pasta salad I ordered from Jamie Oliver’s airport restaurant

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This is untouched…

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Who wants to bet the warehouse workers were made take the test during their own time after a full day's hard work?

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How Important help couldn't reach her

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Man wears a Confederate hat at a Mexican restaurant

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I'm lost for words

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I hate when people do this

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I'll just leave this here

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Only bought it 8 days ago

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iPhone 13 Pro camera lens smashed 8 days after I bought it

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Receiving emails about my miscarriaged child that would be 5 today. How did they even get her name??

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Guy got mad that we asked him to provide a receipt next time for expired milk, dumps an entire half gallon on the floor in retaliation.

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I hate this!

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This is next level annoying.

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Recklessly walking your dog against traffic


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That’s so wrong

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I ended a friendship of 28 years over... glucose tablets.


Now in our early 40's, a long time HS friend and I barely have time to get together more than a couple times a year w/ wives, kids, careers, etc. So yesterday we planned to meet up for beers at a happy hour place and then dinner at a sports bar we had heard of. Because we live an hour apart, we figured we'd dump a car at a park and ride right off the highway and then drive 1 car around vs 2.

I pull into the P&R and see an older guy standing by his driver's window while he sits in the car. I walk over and see this guy looking way out of place, almost delirious. I said "you alright man" and he responds with "I haven't eaten all day, do you have anything with sugar?"

My buddy responds "Guy I already told you to get fucked." Now, I know for a fact my friend hates pan handlers with a passion and is convinced they all make $500 a day begging for money, but wtf, this dude is shaking like a leaf and is probably a diabetic. So I tell him hang tight, go over to my car where I always keep 1 of those little cylinder tubes with 8-10 glucose tablets in them and grab it. I've been tested 3-4x for diabetes, always negative but know if I miss lunch, by 3pm I feel the cold sweats and a crash incoming so I keep these on me.

Along with the glucose pills, I give him an unopened powerade and the only food I had, which was a package of hot fries. I give him the items and his hand is shaking so badly he can't even open the cap to the glucose pills so I take it back from him open it and dump 4 in his hand. I say whenever I'm crashing I take 4 right away and then gut it out for 15-20 mins before taking any more. He gobbles them down.

So I'm waiting with the guy outside my friend's car, seeing if he wants me to call the rescue, he doesn't, while he's acting like an asshole inside. I figured let's wait with the guy for a couple mins and make sure he's ok. If you've never had a crash, it can be pretty scary wondering if this is the minute you're going to pass out. After 10-15 mins the guy looks, acts and sounds much better. We shake hands, he offers to return the remaining pills which i tell him to hold on to and he walks on his way, not to any car in this lot.

I get in and my friend starts shouting and swearing like a lunatic, saying it was out of line for me to monopolize his time, he's starving and wants to eat HIS dinner and it's fucked up im more concerned with some "random asshole" than he, when it was made clear he wanted to go. I attempted to explain but he is literally out-shouting me so I just got out of the car, and said "there, now no one is stopping you... go eat your fucking dinner." and started walking back to my car.

He shouted go fuck yourself and sped off. By the time I got home his wife had already called my wife and battle lines have been drawn over this. Guess that's that. Shrugs.

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The price of water at the aria minibar

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Unscrew the back of my CPU and take out the hard drive. Wait what?

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People who do this

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My roommate bent my non stick pan.

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Cat theft is on the rise in my neighborhood

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How my cousin who never brings beer or chips in for the last beer run tries to sneak out

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Got stuck in the airport trying to get home from vacation. This is the line for the help desk

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Highway robbery - tolls to drive in/near NYC. Google Maps calls it the “green option”

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As co-driver, I usually map to the fastest route, but to save 20ish minutes, it’s $50 more and ~40 miles less. So essentially the green route includes sitting stopped in NYC traffic. Green 🍃or 💵 ?!?! This is the epitome of highway robbery.