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Recommendation What is the Best Film You Watched Last Week? (11/23/22-11/30/22)


The way this works is that you post a review of the best film you watched this week. It can be any new or old release that you want to talk about.

{REMINDER: The Threads Are Posted Now On Wednesday Mornings. If Not Pinned, They Will Still Be Available in the Sub.}

Here are some rules:

1. Check to see if your favorite film of last week has been posted already.

2. Please post your favorite film of last week.

3. Explain why you enjoyed your film.

4. ALWAYS use SPOILER TAGS: [Instructions]

5. Best Submissions can display their [Letterboxd Accts] the following week.

Last Week's Best Submissions:

Film User/[LBxd] Film User/[LBxd]
“The Menu” TheDeVirginater “Eternity and a Day“ qumrun60
"She Said” the_third_sourcerer “The Hudsucker Proxy” Stratobastardo34
“The Fabelmans” ReflexImprov “The Ref” Jade_GL
“Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” WalkingEars “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension” imnotabus
“The Wonder” (2022) Bodymaster “The Challenge” (1982) [CheapSteak]
"Good Night Oppy” the6thReplicant "Thillu Mullu” (1981) [Sarathda]
“Good Luck to You, Leo Grande” [An_Ant2710] “Days of Heaven” _rockandhardplace
“Kaithi” (2019) popfreq "Hearts and Minds” ffrinch
“Nerve” tropicalazure “Bringing Up Baby” [deadandmessedup]
“Night at the Museum” an_ordinary_platypus “Modern Times” Keis1977

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Official Discussion Official Discussion Megathread (Violent Night / Troll)


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News Kirstie Alley, ‘Cheers’ and ‘Look Who’s Talking’ Star, Dies at 71

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Article Great profile of F. Murray Abraham, who has had a career resurgence with WHITE LOTUS but has been giving great performances for decades.

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Poster Official Poster for 'Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves'

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Article How The Muppet Christmas Carol Became The Ultimate Dickens Adaptation

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News ‘ToeJam & Earl’ Movie in the Works from Amazon, Stephen Curry

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Article Director James Mangold Talks 'Indiana Jones 5'

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News ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ Sequel Taps Gil Kenan To Direct With Previous Cast Returning

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Trailer (Official Trailer) Mickey 17 | Directed by Bong Joon-Ho | Starring Robert Pattinson

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News Mickey 17 – In theaters 03.29.2024

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Article 11 Fascinating Facts About Ray Harryhausen

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News Austin Butler to Receive Palm Springs Film Fest’s Breakthrough Performance Award for ‘Elvis’

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Discussion Who’s an actor that once you see them in the trailer, you know it’s going to be a bad movie?


This has nothing to do with an actors personal life or exploits off the screen. Does anyone else experience this where just the mere presence of a an actor lets you know the movie will be bad?

For me it’s Michele Rodriguez. I can’t think of a movie I’ve ever seen her in that I liked. It’s not so much that she ruins the movie or her acting really affects anything. It’s just a feeling that if they were willing to cast her, it must be bad.

I know she’s been featured in one the largest franchises of all time(Fast and Furious), so studios might think she’s a draw. I honestly think she just got lucky being in the first movie.

Anyone feel this way about any actors or do I have too much time on my hands?

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News Frank Vallelonga Jr. Dead: 'Green Book' Actor's Body Found in Bronx

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Article Bullet Train on Netflix, new Christmas movies, and every new movie to watch from home this weekend

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News Mickey 17 Release Date: Bong Joon Ho Movie Set for 2024

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News ‘The Flash’ Moves Up A Week, New Release Date is June 16, 2023

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Article 8 Films to Watch This Holiday Season If You’re Tired of Watching Traditional Holiday Films

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News Disney’s latest AI tool de-ages actors in seconds

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Discussion Lets talk about the fight scene at Red's house on Pineapple Express... I still think its one of the funniest comedy movie scenes in history.


This was the type of scene where theres so much more going on than you realize. Every interaction was comedy gold in this scene from start to finish. Especially when Dale puts Red's head through the drywall, I still belly laugh.

Then they are trying to break in the bathroom door, Red yells at them for ruining his portable house phone. Then he asks them if they are going to pay for the door if they break it. When the door busts down, Red goes flying head first into the sink and breaks it off the wall, but walks away unscathed lol!

Does anyone else have a favorite scene in this movie?

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Trailer ‘Night At The Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again’ | Official Trailer

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Trailer You People | feat. Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill | Official Trailer | Netflix

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Discussion Anyone get really annoyed at how sometimes subtitles paraphrase the dialogue rather than transcribe word for word?


I'm sure I've seen it in other films but it jumped out at me when I was watching The Godfather on Netflix while my SO was asleep on the couch. So I turned the volume down and the subtitles on.

It was really annoying how it seemed like lazy approximations of the dialogue rather than what they were actually saying. Especially since the writing in that film is phenomenal.

Is there a reason some movies do this? Because honestly it seems like it would take more effort to rewrite entire dialogues this way.

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Discussion Dumb and Dumber, The Mask and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective


In the year 1994, 3 of Jim Carrey's iconic movies/roles were released in cinemas.That being Dumb and Dumber, The Mask and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

So I have 2 questions, that I would like to ask
First: Which of these 3 do you enjoy watching?Second: What is your overall favorite Jim Carrey movie/role?

Dumb and Dumber, The Mask and Ace Ventura

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Media Arnold Schwarzenegger's dubbed lines in his first film, "Hercules in New York" (1970)

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Recommendation Klaus(2019) is a wonderful animation movie about Christmas.


Well the Christmas is near, so thought of recommending this movie. It has a very sweet take on Christmas with magical moments within it to keep the viewers attached to the movie. The characters are simple and that is what makes the story great, nice animation and wonderful storytelling. A movie that you will enjoy thoroughly.

Edit#1: I wrote that the movie is simple, because I felt the story and it's narration was very simple. It's like a folklore or a child's lullaby. And that made it feel so great to me.

Edit#2: Here is a bin of other Christmas movies that I enjoyed