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Friendly reminder - JJ is fighting NOT YOU. He is stepping in the ring putting his health and reputation on the line NOT YOU. He owes nothing to the clowns crying about him fighting Swarmz - It’s simple; either support JJ or don’t watch.

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r/celebrities 11h ago

Tomi Lahren did not hold back on Brittney Griner "Not hearing the National Anthem, what a win for her"

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r/manx 22h ago

his name is tito and he’s gay 🏳️‍🌈

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r/Madden 21h ago Helpful

Other nobody cares that youre not buying the game, youre self proclaimed “boycott” will change nothing. you are not going to start a revolution. nobody cares. please shut up


this gets said every single year and every single year the people saying it still buy the game on release day. the same people then complain about the game that they swore they werent going to buy to “stick it to EA!” and then they do the same fucking thing next year.

r/Eve 5h ago Faith In Humanity Restored Silver

Drama Capsuleers that don't defend the citadels they love are the cancer of eve online.


Space Detroit was used by all, this is a fact, but all this crying here on reddit doesn't focus on the fact that it was defended by 11 jump destroyers and a handful of retributions.

Snuff is one of the most hated groups in the game, but the collective ineptitude of eve to defend a structure 4 jumps from jita is astounding.

Sure snuff brought a battleship fleet with fax, but did you know shadow cartel were so ill prepared that they didn't get a bridge Titan in range, they had multiple days to do so. Did you know they whined and cried the whole time we slowly chewed the citadel down, an act to help persuade them to come and defend since it looked like slow progress? 40 vargurs were to unable to jump a gate because their fc was afraid to lose a single ship. That's shadow cartel.

The major alliances didn't even care about space Detroit, they did nothing to help defend it.

At the end of the day, a large structure was taken down in lowsec, with no defenders. A tale as old as time in eve.

Move on, if this seriously upset you, you're part of the new age of players that feel entitled to everything but do nothing to hold onto the things you like.

As ccp has made a video literally on this, you should HTFU.

r/Cuphead 18h ago Wholesome

Discussion/Question I've never played Cuphead, ask me a question and I'll pretend I know what you're talking about.

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r/gaming 14h ago

Far Cry 6 isn't great. But unlike AC Valhalla, this game is fun. Sometimes, fun is all you need.

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r/IntellectualDarkWeb 4h ago

Opinion "The Sandman" on Netflix is not the Lord of Dreams, is rather the Lord of Wokes


Have you noticed how many gender-swapped and ethnicity-swapped characters are sported by the new Netflix series based on the famous (and excellent) comic by Neil Gaiman? It's a woke paradise! Most notably: "Death" got the Dolezal treatment and from a goth white woman has become a black woman. John Constantine has been sex-swapped into Joanna Constantine. And so on, and so on. And, of course, if you just try to get an esteem of the diffusion of the black ethnicity and the LGBTQ preference just from what you see in the series, you'll get the idea that black people are 50% of English people, and that LGBTQ are even more than 50% of the population. Well done, Netflix! All the DEI (Diversity Equity & Inclusion) checkboxes are ticked, and, believe me, not in a subtle way.

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Non-Okie complains about Oklahoma This Subreddit sucks


I joined this subreddit hoping for fun facts, news, and events happening here in Oklahoma, and it’s just shit-talking this state. I’ve lived in 3 different states and two countries, and Oklahoma is by far my favorite, and I feel like all the shit-talk is unwarranted tbh. Oklahoma is a great state

r/knifeclub 4h ago

Memes im mean... its called delica...

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r/brighton 7h ago

No cops in pride! I think it’s important to remember the true meaning of pride and the struggle that queer people still face in the U.K. and around the world 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️✊

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[OC] My grandparents' home under construction, circa '72

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Gear Porn Cutting weight in my pack…every little bit counts!

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r/CoDCompetitive 16h ago

Untagged The Optic starter pack

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r/Damnthatsinteresting 12h ago

Image This is Lina Medina, she was the youngest woman to give birth at 5 years old in May 1939. She had a condition known as precocious puberty" this is when sexual development happens at an early age.

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r/tf2 13h ago

Other r/tf2 be like

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r/britishcolumbia 21h ago

Satire Half of the cyclists in Kelowna

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r/BollyBlindsNGossip 20h ago

Removed Breaks Posting Rules Saying hateful shit about actors and their bodies NOT GOSSIP. It's bullying.


Just stop with the whole "plastic" "kylie-lookalike" shit. This sub is supposed to be fun and give us some laughs. Not dissect every little imperfection about actors. Remember, they're people too.

r/Shadiversity 21h ago

General Discussion So I recently discovered shad’s 2nd channel


So in the past I’ve watched shadiversity on occasion, however I recently came across his 2nd channel knights watch (formally known as game knights) and it’s full of awful right winged stuff, like sexist videos complaining that a female character “is just a man in all but appearance” because she somehow doesn’t act “ladylike” or that Disney is “grooming kids to be lgbt”, or that there is somehow “forced diversity” in lotr and it’s ruined because of that; like seriously messed up stuff that any reasonable person would know not to believe.

There’s also a lot wrong with some of the other arguments he makes (like the anti-communist one where he goes off of an unreliable source) but those are examples.

I wished I hadn’t had to see any of it but it really makes you rethink someone I used to have a neutral opinion of

I’m a woman and a member of the lgbt community so you can be imagine how I felt when I came across this stuff.

r/architecture 20h ago

What style is this? Thoughts on the architecture in Qatar?

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r/ShittyGifRecipes 18h ago

TikTok Deep Fried Deviled Eggs 🤮

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r/borderlands3 11h ago

[ Discussion ] 🎤 Why do people blame Ava for Mayas death?


The Calypsos would have shown up either way, and it's not like they would just have left maya alone.

EDIT: Gotta love how so many responses just straight up ignore my argument.

r/technology 6h ago

Networking/Telecom EU To Open New Silicon Valley Office To Figure Out Better And Better Ways To Destroy The Internet

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