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Showcase Different characters in Star Wars

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For agency owners - what is faster to get started - PPC or SEO?


What is faster to get the ball rolling and have some clients?

PPC (google ads) seems more suitable I think -as business owners want fast results. SEO is also harder to understand.

As someone starting a SEO agency now I wish I did PPC. I will say SEO probably has more retention and less risk compared to PPC.

When PPC is proposed to businesses there are several benefits:

- Convenience of someone managing your ads

- Results (depending on the business)

SEO has the same benefits to be honest. But it is easier to tie results to Google Ads.

Here is how I am thinking to pitch PPC

Lets say the average client for a solar panel business is worth $1k profit.

They make an average of 5 purchases (LTV) = $5k profit.

So any spend below $5k that generates a client is worth it.

Then I would mention that not all leads convert - so lets assume 1/50-1/20 (industry average) leads convert. So each lead gained would be worth $100 - $250.

Lets say per month the business receives 5 leads. That is $500 - $1250 worth of leads so you can charge x (below that range) for the business to effectively generate leads.

Then I say I charge $750 per month to generate these leads. Or would it be better if I say 50% of the leads generated?

I don't know if this is a good way to promote the service though? PPC service agencies - please let me know your thoughts.


For SEO it is usually not so complicated. I would just use a monthly rate.

If they require more services (backlinks, keyword research, technical SEO) - there will be a higher charge compared to just someone who needs backlinks or just content writing.

I don't really see it being so variable compared to PPC where some months can be good and other months can be bad.

For SEO while you can track results in Google Analytics e.g. conversions from SEO, I don't know if that is a good method to promote where I used the 50% commission model like the PPC example.

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How do rich people avoid going to jail? Do they bribe certain people or are their lawyers good enough to find legal loopholes?


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Jean Sibelius: Finlandia-hymni

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Help me with my team


My current team is Danse, Croker, Antagonizer, Doom Slayer and Piper. And today I got Roach King, I know he is meta and want to use him, but I don't know who to replace him with. Сan you guys advise me pls


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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Imagen those just falling out

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What are certain rules you have while cooking?


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WION: Sudan's military and political parties sign deal to end crisis | International News | Top News |WION.


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Student Teacher Support &/or Advice teacher podcast recommendations?


hey all, it's almost summer break in australia, and im looking for teacher based podcasts to listen to. preferably australian and early childhood or primary (elementary) but I don't really mind. what are your recommendations for podcasts about teaching? thanks!

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Question Early WB after ORIF on mid foot


Just had cast off on Dec 5th after 6 weeks NWB following ORIF surgery on a “nutcracker” cuboid and navicular fracture. meant to be 4-6 more weeks PWB in a boot but figured out I am able to walk/take a few steps without boot or crutches just one day after getting my cast off.

Anyone else had this experience? Obviously I’ll be taking it easy but didn’t expect to be able to bear weight so soon. Was thinking it could be due to the injury being in my foot, rather than my ankle, and that my swelling has gone down a lot after wearing a compression bandage and elevating. Doctor also said my foots been put together so well that he couldn’t see any fracture lines in my x-ray. However I still have a very limited range of motion.

Have my first physio session on Dec 8th.


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Chance & Fortune What mythical creatre are you?🦊🐯

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Seeking Advice/Help finding a passive income


I am a third year University student and I desperately need a good Passive income because my university increased it's tuition and my parents can't really afford that amount. I just want to support them with the little I have, I live in a third country and a dollar equivalent to our currency is pretty big. Or if you have an online job I can do it would be worth it

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According to the NBME score report - more than half of test-takers would've scored >80%? This is Form 29.

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TABS Heart Of Glass - Blondie tab


Heart Of Glass - Blondie guitar tabs download as PDF and Guitar Pro on: https://paidtabs.com/search/WGU_4-5RaxU

Click here for a free preview of the score (first page)

This score has 24 PDF pages

Credit: this score was transcribed/uploaded by @HolyThunder

If you cannot find the score, it might be because of a copyright issue. Click on "Request" button at PaidTabs.com to request and get the score.

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TOPLAM ÖDÜL 5.000.000,00₺! Büyük Yılbaşı Etkinliği ile yeni yılı birlikte kutluyoruz! Aralık ayı boyunca yapacağınız her 500₺ yatırıma biletiniz bizden. Birbirinden değerli ödülleri Casinovale farkı ile kazanma fırsatı sizi bekliyor.

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Help / Question is there any way to assign undo to the volume buttons on android, ala medibang paint?


i love krita's depth, but medibang (even in its relative simplicity) has a function to use the "volume down" hardware key as an undo, which i find a lot faster/easier/more accurate than tapping the screen to undo. is there any way to do the same with krita? if not, is there a way to suggest that it's implemented?

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My girlfriend get wet easily. and make her week before sex.


Most of the time I spend with my GF, she is always happy seeing me around cos we hardly see just in a blue moon cos of the long distance.

There was this faithful day she came to spend the weekend. Just for us to play being a long time, during romance she would have cum and by the time we meant to sex she feels very tired.

I don't know if am at fault cos of the nudes am use to or I should stop having a romance with her before sex. Please Help 🙏🙏🙏

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Airport Jhanvi, Katrina &Kiara spotted at the airport today.

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[Web] ChatGPT collaboration on P5.js Space game


Hey all,

I've written a space game together with ChatGPT. I asked for functionality and it wrote the code for me to paste. Awesome process.

What do you guys think of the result?

Feedback is welcome, don't know if I should continue on this.

Game is inspired by an old Flash game called "The Space Game", which isn't playable anymore.

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Meta threatens Facebook news blackout over proposed US media law

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showing off set up! Got my bridge done today

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Other guys i just realized


next year marks the UT demo's 10th anniversary

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Radioactivity question


Can I keep radioactive upgrades of my colonies when I travel through the black hole or they are wiped out?

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Humor seriously man?

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