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Meme Ah yes, Mr Kallio the greatest conquerer of the 15th century

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Is pharmacy a better option than PT? Make your case as to why pt is a better option


Im just here to read and learn from different perspectives. Trying to decide between, chiro, pt or pharmacy. Currently the best option for me is pharmacy. Please help

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Traditional swedish bachelor breakfast [homemade]

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Help villagers won't link to work stations

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I have a farmer and mending villager, both are able to repeatedly link to their beds, the farmer is able to harvest his crops but neither will relink to their work stations. There isn't another composter or lecturn within a 1000 block radius so I don't know what's going on. Will my villagers still not link if there are barrels nearby even though their trades are locked in? Or can zombies stop them from linking to a work station? I've been here for 2 hours trying to figure out why they won't link.

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Discussion Alright, gimme your top 20 Beach Boys songs.


You can include covers, outtakes, just anything you want. You don't have to rank your list. Just gimme 20 of your favorite top tracks.

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Help (General) Hi. I made a build on my page but I'm not sure if its viable and the PSU can handle it. What do you think?

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Any settings I can change or install something to increase text/UI size?


The only way I’ve gotten the game to work with windows 10 is to play in windowed mode, and when I fill up my screen with my resolution (1900x1600), everything is too small to read for my eyes that are now 20 years older. The “extra large” chat font selection is still small at that resolution, and every UI box’s text is even smaller.

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Meme don't Look at the 3rd Search Result For Minecraft


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Serious Replies Only [Serious] If you attended Woodstock '99 and have a story to share, what is it?


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XBOX - QUESTION How to STOVL with the F-35B in MFS on Xbox


I bought the f-35b recently on Xbox and watched some tutorials to get the hang of it. But when I press the STOVL/HOOK button only the hook comes down and nothing happens with the engine or lift fan. Did I miss fine print that says this doesn’t work on Xbox or am I just asking a stupid question and missed a procedure?

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Request MSI GS65 Stealth Blue screen!


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Walmart Display - What would you pay?

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There are a bunch of these 28" griddles on display outside at Walmart. They are weathered with some rust. What would you pay, if anything? They retail for $227.

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Shitpost I’m a bad bitch 😈

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Suggestion Been thinking about Flyable Frigates and here's how they could work


I think there should be an update themed around overhauling the frigates. Primarily with the focus of making them pilotable. You don't need to remove the current functionality of sending them on expeditions, rather, add more features to make them more interesting for other purposes. LIMITING them to expeditions feels super underwhelming for such cool ships. I've thought about this for a long time, so here's everything I've taken into account for how this could POSSIBLY look.

Overhauling the Ship Designs:

Good place to start is adding some random generation for each class of frigate, beyond just the color variations they currently have, similar to how the small starships have science, hauler, and fighter, which effects the different parts available to each randomly generated ship, Also generating a base loadout of weapons and other systems generated from the palette available to the frigate's class which can be customized after purchase like the small starships.

Entering the Frigate:

The next step from there is making them flyable. You can already manually land on them, teleport to them from the freighter, and explore some of the outer decks of the ships. We just need a bridge to take the helm at. For convenience sake, maybe also a quick menu action to embark/disembark to/from the frigate's helm from/to your starship while landed on a frigate's pad.

Additional group members could have the ability to take control of other positions, like the guns, overriding the pilot's control over them, or roam the ship performing repairs in combat that would otherwise need to be regenerated out of combat. This would harbor a Sea of Thieves style dynamic when using frigates with a group, but still allow full, unhampered use of frigates while solo.

Flying the Ship:

There's only a couple main things that should differ from the regular starship controls besides just being slower. One, the guns on frigates, as opposed to starships, are turreted, and can fire in broader angles. If other players aren't manning the guns themselves, you can solve this by making the Aim button go into 360 degree free look while held, so you can fire the guns in the direction you're looking rather than the one your frigate is facing. This would necessitate the aim button also triggering third person if you're piloting in first person until you stop aiming.

Landing the Ship:

Second is landing. Yeah you could just count on the quick action to disembark the frigate onto the starship, then land the starship, but part of the appeal of no man's sky is the simplicity. The Lack of extra, unnecessary steps that other space games would have you do for immersion. The solution, I think, is to treat the frigate and the starship as, sort of, a single entity, as far as the UX goes. Landing on a planet? Find a surface your starship can land over while in a frigate...press the land button, and it will automatically disembark the frigate and fly the starship to the ground to land. Launch in the starship, and it will automatically land the starship on the frigate's pad and put you on the helm.

Landing in a space station? Fly the frigate to the entrance, and you automatically disembark to the starship and land in the station, while the frigate gets out of the way for other players. Take off in the starship and, well you get the idea. If we wanna go for the extra points of immersion, you can add Frigate Docking stations on the exterior of the space station that the frigates will autopilot to while your starship lands

This landing behavior continues until you manually disembark the frigate onto your starship.


As it stands, we already have so many different inventory tabs to manage. There's exosuit, exosuit high capacity, starship, starship cargo hold, freighter, freighter cargo, and the storage bays you add on to the freighters or your planetary bases. We don't need more. So I'd suggest we don't. Instead of giving the frigate a seperate inventory, just make it piggyback off of your starship's inventories.

So I'd suggest making the frigate's "inventory" be ONLY tech inventory, allowing the full customization of the frigate's loadout similar to the starship, but with a bit more depth. Sort the subcategories into "Left Hardpoints" (instead of general), "Central Systems" (instead of tech), and "Right Hardpoints"(instead of cargo). The central systems being for core modules like shields, engines, etc. and hardpoints being slots for weapons and mining tech, seperated to allow you to have different weapon combos on the left vs right sides of the ship.

Warp Drive:

Likewise, we already have two hyperdrives to upgrade for access to different classes of stellar bodies (one for the starship, and one for the freighter). It would be a pain to have a third we now need to upgrade, so it should also piggyback off of one you already have. Whether that's your freighter's or your Starship's, that's a matter of what's easier to program, and what's a better balance (freighter's can jump farther, but should that extra distance extend to frigates? What about the extra cost to learn the patterns and craft the freighter versions?) and those are both matters I can't really accurately attest to.

For example, it MAY be easier to have the frigate read what your freighter's warp drive is capable of, since you can only have ONE freighter, meanwhile you can own SEVERAL starships. Alternatively, maybe it's easier to read the warp capabilities of the starship that is currently docked with the frigate since it's kinda latched on like a lego brick but then would additional players landing THEIR ships effect that? I don't know these things, only hello games does.

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Is there a clean recording of Just Eyes and Mouth?


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🔊 Voice chat 23/M Looking for a few chats and something long-term, doesn’t need to be, maybe a few months or longer idm.


Hey so I’ve been talking to a few people and well, some worked and others, I was busy so I missed my chance to talk longer. It’s okay though, my fault no harsh feelings. But I want to find some fun individuals that would be up to voice chat or chat normally. Preferably voice chat but hey everything’s good if not.

So I’m kinda talkative, well depends on the day and person but I will give anything and anyone a go. We can actually talk about ANYTHING ranging from movies, gaming, art, music, shows, anime, and many more stuff. Just wanted to list these things down because I mostly talk about them and I personally like them.

Don’t have many preferences and nothing against any gender or identity. Well, obviously be able to talk at least some sentences, I could carry the conversation but it would be fun if I didn’t need to!

Anyway want to chat? Then you could send me a chat req. and we can move on to another app. Thx for reading

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Trying to find this shoe for a gift, any ideas?


Female Netball Shoes, worn at the Commonwealth Games 2022.

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Gameplay my first attempted at a edited gameplay with two matches I want to do more with them eventually like add hand cams mabye some transitions and what not but this is my first one so let me know what you all think it includes a 19 kill loss and a 21 kill dub in solos

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Discussion How different would the ending be if Amicus had died instead of the protagonist


like in the finale fight with cato he had stabbed Amicus instead

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Could I call myself a Social Libertarian?


Government: I believe in a constitutional democratic republic with checks and balances, separation of powers and etc. In order to protect the rights of the individual.
I believe a Bill of Rights should be enforced at all levels of government.
Overall the role of government is to secure our unalienable rights of Life, Liberty, And the Pursuit of Happiness and to provide some public services.

Economics: I believe in Free Market Capitalism, in the sense people should have the freedom to buy what they want, and to join a union, to trade goods.
I believe in anti-trust laws, to enforce fair competition.

I support paid leave, as the worker should have the right to have work-life balance.

I support unions, as long as they are within the private sector. We should end laws that prohibit unions, as it violates freedom of association.
For welfare, it should exist in moderation. I would prefer it in the form of a negative income tax or a citizens dividend.

Subsidies should be eliminated, as the government shouldn't be subsidizing business.

Fiscal Responsibility is a must for a functioning government.

The type of taxes I advocate for is a LVT, a drug tax, and a tax for the most wealthy. Overall, taxes will be relatively low.

Social Policy: We should be treating Drugs as a health issue, not as a crime. The War on Drugs is ineffective and is in violation of people's privacy. We should decriminalize all drugs.
Prostitution, and other victimless crimes should be legalized. Because the government shouldn't be involved in the business of consenting adults.
I am a strong supporter of the 2A, the right to self defense is essential to being free.
I am Pro-Life because I believe Abortion is a violation of the harm principle, but I prefer to leave it up to local governments or respectively to the people.
I believe in a balance of tradition and progress, as I agree with Teddy Roosevelt that wise conservatism and wise progressivism go in hand.
I strongly believe in Freedom of Speech, even if I disagree I would defend their death right to say it.
I believe individuals should be able to do whatever they want, as long as they follow the harm principle.

Foreign Policy: The US should ideally be neutral, since what goes on in other parts of the world isn't our business.

Nations should have the right to be sovereign.

I am supportive of free trade over foreign aid, but I overall support free trade in moderation.

The military should be used only in cases of self defense.

I am supportive of the Monroe Doctrine.

Immigration: I am not supportive of open borders, and we should protect our border but that doesn't mean I support building a wall

I am supportive of a pathway to citizenship.

America is a country of immigrants, and we were built on the ideals of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

I am also a firm believer in patriotism and civic nationalism.

The people should be united by the countries values and culture.

The people should be united by the countries values and culture.

Environmental Policy: Energy Diversification.

We should be investing in Nuclear Energy and Solar.

I believe Conservation is a must, as we should increase our conservation efforts

Carbon emissions should be taxed.

Overall, I prefer a free market and innovative approach towards climate change.

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Help How do you install Arturia Plugins to external SSD? (Mac)


I'm trying to install Arturia Analog Lab on my external. However, it does not allow me to choose where to install. Any ideas on how I could fix this?


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Discussion Roms or hacks for game transition


I was given japanese copies of Pokemon yellow and crystal by a friend. I was wondering if there is a rom or hack that can translate the save data to english? Not changing the game data to the english versions just translating the script. I read that the rom data is different between the Japanese and English versions.

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Pamukkale Üniversitesi 65 Sözleşmeli Sağlık Personeli Alacak

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New Music Z Money Confirms That Chiraq Mogul 2 Is Coming👀

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